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Our family has maintained reed organs and harmoniums for more than a hundred years.

Presently, most of the instruments that I service have never been seen by a specialist and therefore require major restorations.

In the past we knew little about harmoniums, because in the part of Holland we live in, only the reed organs were common.

At the moment more and more harmoniums come to my workshop. Most of them are from France, Belgium and Germany.

You can ask me for advice, maintenance, repair and restoration of your reed organ and harmonium. Do not hesitate and send me an e-mail.

Do you plan to repair it yourself? We can deliver not only the materials but also the instructions.

One of the most frequent problems are the broken girths. In that case the pedals do not rise after being pressed down. A normal handyman can change them but they are not for sale. We deliver alternative durable girths, which are 4 cm in width.

See also the category “For Sale” of this site.
By the way, all instruments on the site have been restored in my workshop.